Bücher über wahre Lebensgeschichten

We publish real life stories based on true lifes

Life writes the best stories. And hardly anything touches and inspires us as much as the life stories of our fellow human beings. Discover fates, unbelievable decisions and challenges that go beyond your imagination.

True events, moving fates, in which people make unimaginable decisions or encountered situations, form stirring books and incomparable experiences.


Bücher über wahre Lebensgeschichten auf wahren Begebenheiten. Auf dem Bild ist der Entwurf unseres ersten Buches Edas Abgrund zusehen. Unsere Autorin hat ihre Lebensgeschichte als biografischen Roman veröffentlicht, um dich zu erreichen

What do we expect from life stories of biographies?

When we read biographies, we immerse ourselves in the lives and experiences of people, authors, celebrities or politicians. Here, the benefit for the reader should not be underestimated.

Not only do we immerse ourselves in different lives. We also learn how a person's path has taken them and what decisions have influenced their lives. We look behind the scenes and learn which people, thoughts and means were crucial. Looking behind the scenes uncovers an important part of life experience.

We can have incredible experiences without experiencing the necessary challenges ourselves. Participate in unimaginable accounts of experience. Be inspired by challenging destinies and courageous decisions.


Which values are created when we read biographies or novels based on true lifes?

 By looking behind the scenes, into the environment, social conditions, personality and time periods, a lot of important information can be conveyed. And this is much more extensive than in many non-fiction books. In addition to the level of thought, we also delve into the emotional level of the writers. 

 We receive support in processes of self-discovery. We broaden our focus and get further ideas about our point of view and can rethink or confirm it with further perspectives and beliefs.

 Everyone is confronted with challenges. Life usually doesn't go quite as planned. It's the same with the challenges and goals we face. In biographies, we are confronted with our challenges and fears. Without failures, there are no successes. If you look for success on a straight path, you will not find it. Find the motivation and energy the author developed to achieve her goals. Discover that failures and successes go hand in hand. That determination and continuity will move you forward!


Buchbild Edas Abgrund - Wir verpacken unsere Bücher mit personalisierten Nachrichten, einem Lesezeichen und verschließen das Paket mit einem Siegel.

Our book about the life story of the author and protagonist Eda

Many people write biographies. We publish life stories of people who live in the middle of society. In 2017, we got to know Eda. Eda is the pseudonym of the author and protagonist.

Eda's incredible life story, her courage and strength fascinated us a lot. Together we decided to publish her story as a book and Rising Life Books was born.

Discover our first book "Eda's Abyss | On the Edge of the Cliff - Back to Life" and dive into the novelistic biography of the protagonist and author Eda. Her courage and fortitude as she fought against adversity and adversity are two of the many reasons why we teamed up to publish her novel-length biography and start our journey with Rising Life Books.

Through her story, Eda reaches out to those around her. She shows them what kind of world many of us live in and how important it is to take life into our own hands to escape the vicious cycle of challenging circumstances. Find inspiration from the mother of two who defies all circumstances.

From draft to finished book! In December 2019, Eda handwrote her life on three pads. Her will and motivation to share her life story to write not only for herself and her children, but also for many people and especially women, moved mountains within her.

From her handwritten manuscript, the first draft emerged. After about a year, it was ready and in December 2020, her story was published.

Already widely read, we receive very positive feedback from many people! Eda could already become the inspiration of many readers after a short time.

Her experiences and decisions can move mountains in you too. Discover our book here

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