Express, experience and experience gratitude

What is gratitude?

It is a strong positive feeling or the inner attitude that floods our body and soul with radiant energy.

Often people realize the value of social contacts or life circumstances very late. Usually when it is already too late. Gratitude reflects the appreciation for what is available but also for life itself. Many things are taken for granted in everyday life. But perhaps these things are not self-evident at all.


Titelbild - Dankbarkeit ausdrücken, erfahren und erleben. Es ist ein See zu sehen, der durch herbstlich orange leuchtende Blätter und die Natur erhellt wird. Die Sonne strahlt an diesem kalten Herbsttag und erwärmt die Luft und Gefühle, die mit diesem Bild verbunden werden

What does gratitude bring me?

Seeing what is available, appreciating it, and surrounding yourself with positive feelings makes you more content. You become more aware of the little things in life. You become more attentive to the little things in everyday life. For gestures of fellow human beings. You automatically become happier. Lift your mood. Bringing out this feeling has a positive effect on motivation, problem solving, self-esteem, contentment, depression, anxiety disorder and even sleep. It can be the cure you are looking for. A medicine available at any time and free of charge.


A small story

At his time we visited on vacation an acquaintance whom we had not seen again since childhood. She lived in a small house whose walls were already crumbling. It seemed as if the house would collapse. With her lived her two young children, who were not yet present. She told us that her partner gambled away the last of her money and then ran away. Her living room was almost empty. We sat on her last pieces of furniture. She was struggling alone for the welfare of her children and herself. It hurt our hearts to see the situation right in front of us. We shared our sympathy with her.

The door opened. The children had come from school. She asked her them to pour us a soft drink. We gratefully declined. She looked to her children with her eyes to the refrigerator. One of the children opened the door. There was nothing in it except that one bottle. We didn't want to be rude. Accepted the gesture because she was proud and grateful to be able to show us her hospitality. It touched us very much. People who really had nothing but the air to breathe, gave us their last bit. And they did so without hesitation - full of joy. Their children also radiated the same joy as their mother. Full of gratitude, we left the house after our visit.

We looked at each other in amazement. Sharing, of course, our hospitality with our visitors. But what we experienced there was not to be taken for granted. It showed us once again how grateful we could be for our lives and circumstances. Even if in our lives not everything went smoothly, but also we had lost ourselves of his time, we could be happy and satisfied with what we had.

Before we left, we visited the family again. This time we brought them drinks, food and clothes. The children and mother, who gave us their last bit, were overjoyed. They had not thought for a moment that such a thing would happen. Their gratitude triggered emotions in us that were indescribable. We all found each other in tears of joy. She said "I guess it's true. When you appreciate that which surrounds you, life gives you more."

If this family could be grateful in the midst of nothingness for what is available, how can we not be?


Express gratitude

Here are a few examples of how you can express your gratitude. Let your creativity run wild. The more imaginative you are, the more your counterpart will be happy.


1. Write a thank you message or letter

There doesn't always have to be a special occasion for a thank you card. A small message can already move mountains. Written words not only spark your creativity to life, they can be read long after they are written. If the person picks up your message, they always have the opportunity to get positive reinforcement. And the best part? It's a very simple method that has great impact and is fun.


2. Appreciate those around you

We often take those around us for granted without realizing it. Let them know how important they are to you. Write to them, call them, or tell them in person. Have time for those close to you and, above all, an open and attentive ear. Be there for the people who are there for you, too. Time is one of the most precious gifts we can give them. Show them gratitude for the warmth they give you, the rides and favors they do for you, or the delicious food they prepare for you. Be there for them, too.


3. Prepare food

Love goes through the stomach. Cook something delicious and invite those around you. Bake something sweet and take it to your friends. Something homemade can also cheer up fellow human beings who are going through difficult times at the moment.


4. Do a favor

Offer to help strangers. Hold the door open for them or let them pass at the checkout if you notice they are stressed. You can also teach someone who needs help or show them the way.


5. Smile or give compliments

Who isn't happy to look into a face that radiates positive warmth? Have you ever had a meeting with a person who has sweetened your whole day with a small gesture? Then be just that person for someone else :).

A small compliment to the person, charisma, clothes or hairstyle can make a person happy. How is it with you? Are you happy about compliments?


How you can incorporate gratitude into your everyday life?

Fix your gaze on your life. Here are some examples in the first person:

I am...

  • grateful that I live on this earth
  • grateful that I breathe, feel, hear, smell and taste
  • thankful that I am healthy
  • thankful for my family and friends
  • thankful that I can rely on these people
  • grateful for what is available in my life
  • grateful for my experiences
  • grateful for my own kind and magic

You can evoke the feeling of gratitude every day. At any time in any place. Another way is to go through your day from morning to evening before you go to sleep. Did you experience something today for which you can be grateful?

  • Has someone held the door open for you?
  • Someone asked you how you were?
  • Someone approached you in a friendly way?
  • Gave you confidence?

In combination with the view of the whole life and today you create a basis for a happier life. If you then carry this gratitude outward, share it with loved ones and fellow human beings, you will be all the happier. Because your counterpart will experience positive feelings through you :-)

You can also keep a gratitude diary. For your orientation and as an example, here is a page from our Success Journal and Vision Book. Feel free to save and use the templates.

From our success journal. To the success journal.


Dankbarkeitsseite aus unserem Erfolgsjournal. Die von uns erstellte Seite kann dir eine Orientierung bieten, um mit der Einbindung eines Dankbarkeitstagebuches in deinem Leben zu beginnen


From our Vision Book. To the Vision Book.

Dankbarkeitsseite aus unserem Vision Book. Die von uns erstellte Seite kann dir eine Orientierung bieten, um mit der Einbindung eines Dankbarkeitstagebuches in deinem Leben zu beginnen


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