Success journal - the power of writing in your hands

Whether homemade as a notebook, download to print or in digital version. There are many different versions of the success journal or success diary. But before we start, here's what benefits come from using the power of writing for yourself:

Thousands of words are written every day. Whether digital or handwritten. Many people use the power of writing for themselves to gain the many benefits of writing.


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6 Powerful benefits of writing:

 More conscious word selection

Handwritten words are carefully considered before being captured on paper. When typing on a smartphone or computer, the flow of thinking and writing is different.

 Unleashing your creativity

Our imagination and fantasy goes through the arm and pen over to paper. You're exercising your creative streak.

 Positive effect on your learning effect

You have definitely experienced this yourself. Did you also write study notes in school that helped you learn?

 Your writing is unique

A one-of-a-kind that springs from your hand. Receiving a personal letter is nice and brings joy. But putting a personal letter on paper with thoughtful words and your most beautiful writing makes you as happy as the recipient.

 Brain jogging

You activate your gray matter and activate brain regions for thinking, language and memory. Our brain can better structure and classify information.

 Increased memory capacity

This point we had more or less also, with the positive effect on your learning effect. The study note for school or notes at work are stored in your memory. Maybe it even helped you to remember on which page or at which place your notes were recorded.

Alright, we're past the benefits of writing now. Let's finally get into the success journal.


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What is a success journal?

For some a notebook and for others the path to success. A success journal can serve many different functions. It depends on what you want to achieve. It is the optimal tool for defining, planning & organizing as well as implementing and evaluating your personal goals.

Think about how you came across the success journal. Did you discover it by accident? Was it a tip from someone? Or did an inspiring person draw your attention to the success journal?

No matter how you came across it. One thing is certain:

A success journal affects your chances of success. And that clearly! After creating your plan, you may form habits that will help you achieve your goals. And that's what successful people have in common. They use their valuable time to achieve their goals and incorporate routines into their daily lives that support their plans and decisions.

For example, you can think of it like this:

2 people start a journey across a foreign country. Both people are given the same resources to reach their destination. Financial means, a map, a compass and a vehicle. Whoever reaches the destination first wins the race.

Person 1 starts immediately and gets a clear head start, while person 2 takes a moment to think about the starting point and resources to the destination. Person 2 starts the journey after clarifying his options, route and any challenges. Person 1 trusts in opportunities that arise along the way.

What differentiates the two people is their thinking and actions. Who do you think will win the race?

And that's what this is all about. Successful people have one thing in common! They keep a notebook or success journal! They create an overview and create a plan that leads them to their goals.


Let's look at a few benefits that come with the success journal:

 Overview of your goals

Keep major and minor goals in mind. Which of your goals support each other and are in harmony? Which goals are in conflict with each other?

An overview of your goals around social life, professional life, finances, and dreams and desires will bring clarity to what you actually want to achieve in your life. Formulate the individual sub-areas and have achieve the big picture.

 Space for new thoughts

Writing frees your thoughts. You'll come up with new ideas and strategies instead of forming thoughts that are flying around.

 Optimize your roadmap

    If you know your path, you'll know how to get there. You'll understand what worked and what didn't. Tweak failures from your new experiences or try new strategies until they bring the success you want. Your roadmap is an ongoing process, adjusted regularly without losing sight of the big picture.

    Sharpen your focus

    Writing completes tasks! It also feels good to mark tasks as completed to realign your focus. Your detailed plan helps you focus on the important and necessary next step. You'll keep your main goal in mind and approach it step by step. Motivate yourself anew every day.

    Goals + Successes = Luck boost

    Energy gained from successes is a super resource to bring motivation and continuity and satisfaction to your routines.

    Use the limitless power of your thoughts

    The clearer the picture of your goals and successes, the more clearly you can define your plans. Our thoughts are limitless and subject only to the limits we impose on ourselves. Accept challenges, but don't see them as a permanent burden.

    Transform your inner communication to dissolve boundaries step by step and manifest positive beliefs in your life, your language and your actions.

    Get started today and take the next step toward success. Make the footprints you'll look back on with pride and pleasure. There is no perfect moment. The perfect moment is in the here and now. Yesterday is yesterday and tomorrow is tomorrow. Start today to already actively shape your future.

    How do I start?

    There is a very special quote about this: "The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life."

    Look very closely at your inner communication. Healthy communication is focused on change. Here are two examples:

    "For years I have not been achieving my goals." or "So far I have not been able to achieve my goals."

    "I always face the same problems." or "So far, I have not been able to find a creative solution."


    The difference between the opposing sentences, while small at first glance, is that one is limiting and the other is open to change. It is said that language affects our cells. By limiting sentences, we may be blocking self-regulation and already presupposing the limitation of change. How do you feel about this statement? How do you talk about challenges?


    To get started, brainstorm

    From brainstorming, you form pathways and possibilities from which you compile your roadmap. The journal will help you bring structure to your plan. Your goals should be specific. It's not enough to just write down "make more money." The wording should clearly state how you want to earn more money, for example.


    To get started, ask yourself the following questions:

    What do I want to achieve?

    How do I want to achieve it?

    What resources do I have at my disposal?

    What knowledge do I have?

    What information will I gather?

    Who can support me?

    By when will I achieve my goal?

    Do I plan milestones for my goal achievement?

    What are the first/next steps?

    What can I do to get started today?

    How can I improve on my final steps?


    There are different versions of the success journal. From the print version to the download file as PDF. Here you can find our success journal template as a PDF file for download. You can print and use the download template on one hand, on the other hand you can use it on your devices in digital form.


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    Why did we create the template?

    Over all this time I have been looking for a suitable journal for my needs and unfortunately did not find it. So I came up with the idea of forming my own journal from a notebook. From the finished version the template was created. After founding my own publishing house, I included the journal in the store. It also accompanied me during the foundation :). You can find more information here

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