Mindset Coaching - Fixed and Growth Mindset

The term Mindset is guaranteed to have crossed your mind in many places

So what will expect you in this mindset article? We will answer the following questions and then go into fixed and growth mindset. It will be exciting and maybe you will change your view on situations and take on new challenges.

1. What is mindset?

2. Does mindset affect my life?

3. How do I improve/work on my mindset?

4. What is the difference between fixed and growth mindset?

5. What is mindset Coaching?

6. Tips to strengthen your mindset!

7. Conclusion


Was bedeutet eigentlich Mindset und was ist der Unterschied zu Fixed und Growth Mindset?


What is Mindset?

Mindset describes your way of thinking, behavior patterns (e.g. habits) and beliefs. The word mindset stands for mental strength. It helps you to have positive experiences in any situation. Think of our brain as a supercomputer. We all have the same resources. Only each of us uses them in our own individual way. Each of us also writes his own story and collects individual experiences. The power of your thoughts is immeasurable and leads to a successful and happy life. The best part? Everyone can develop such a mindset.

Once you've stepped through the door of personal development, you'll be overwhelmed by the little things that already have a big impact on your state of mind, traits, behaviors and results. It is an ongoing process that, in my eyes, will continue until the end of our lives. Every day brings new challenges, but also experiences - take something for yourself from each experience to bring out your desire and your (I'm sure you will have read this many times) best YOU. 

A quote from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus immediately comes to mind here:

"The only constant in life is change".

How do you feel about that quote? Have you heard this phrase before?

Many people are in constant conflict. On the one hand, there is a striving for change, while not letting go of the tried and true. The key is to live in the here and now. See great opportunities in change.


How does Mindset effect my life?

Mindset influences actions and emotions in certain situations. We are shaped by experiences that trigger certain reactions in situations (behavior patterns).

Take a closer look at your inner communication:

Since the option is to accept debilitating life circumstances as challenges, but not as a cause for permanent suffering, you can also look more closely at your communication with these challenges. Healthy communication is focused on change. Here are two examples:

"I've had these problems for years and no one has been able to help me." or

"So far, no one has been able to help with my problems."


"We always get into the same discussion." or

"So far, we haven't been able to find a creative form of discussion."


The difference between the opposite sentences is that one is limiting and the other is open to change. It is said that language affects our cells. By limiting sentences, we may be blocking self-regulation and already presupposing the limitation of change. How do you feel about this statement? How do you speak of challenges?

Steer the focus to what is strong. On what promotes happiness and well-being. Adverse life circumstances are accepted as challenges - but not as reasons for permanent suffering. Life is not always harmonious, but just as the day has its night, so does the night.

Negative emotions and situations can be a trigger to bring positive changes into your life. But they can also be triggers of discomfort or cause you to say or do things that you regret in retrospect. What you can do? Keep calm and get an overview of situations. Use your thinking skills to bring positive change into your life through negative emotions.

Let's see a personal tip on how my mindset helps us in situations. Sharpen your awareness to overcome emotional choices. You can create a space between stimulus and reaction.

Explanation: The stimulus is set by your counterpart. For example, a spoken sentence that triggers a negative emotion, such as anger. You yourself create a space to briefly go into yourself before you react. In that space, you take a breath and think before you act. You learn to align your reaction to others logically, rather than emotionally. Another example would be the inner factory. Theoretically it is the same as stimulus and reaction. What do you put into your inner production to make it produce a final product? What components shape that product?

If you have the opportunity to take a moment, you are in a good position to make a decision. Could you have avoided many challenges by taking a little time to make your decision? How do you feel about this?

I don't mean that you should cancel your intuition and think through every single step - I myself rely very heavily on it. However, interpersonal relationships can be improved very well if we don't automatically fall into old behavioral patterns that make neither us nor those around us happy. Often it also helps to update the image we have of situations or people. Sometimes we react to challenges with the same behavioral pattern as in the past, for example. In the process, both situations and people have evolved or changed.


How do I improve/work on my Mindset?

Finally, we have arrived here. There are many different ways to improve your mindset. Let's go into one way that can already help you. Note that there are many more ways:

Recognize triggers - self-reflection 

Your body shows you the effects of pressure or stress in many different ways. Recognize triggers and identify them. Go into self-reflection and keep a notebook or success journal, for example, to identify triggers but also to change them in a positive way. Check out our blog post on self-reflection for helpful tips. By the way, you can find out who you are, what you want and most importantly where you want to go in our post "Who am I?" with 4 steps. But let's stick with this post for now :)

Many people hold on to anger and resentment. But what makes us hold on to these emotions?

It's habits and routines you follow. How you grew up, what experiences you had and how you were taught to act is a reason of the natural way of dealing with your feelings. Even your own decision to deal with feelings the way you do is a habit of acting as you may have been doing for a long time.

Your brain assigns an emotion to every piece of information. The solution is to identify what pattern your emotions follow. When you break this down and become aware of your body's signals, you break this cycle. You find a way out and bring positive change into your life.

In our post "Who Am I?" you'll also learn about the power of visualizing positive experiences to impact your body and mind.


What's the difference between Fixed and Growth Mindset?

In a nutshell? fixed mindset stands for limitation, while growth mindset stands for opportunity and growth. Setbacks and "mistakes" are not accepted as failures in growth mindset, but are seen as challenges to be overcome.


Fixed und Growth Mindset. Grafische Gegenüberstellung, um den Unterschied zu zeigen


The passage in this post on inner communication also showed examples of fixed and growth mindset in our self-communication and language.


What is Mindset Coaching? What can I support you with?

If you want to change or achieve something, both professionally and personally, feel free to contact me. As a coach I support you in developing your quality of life. With experiences from many different areas of life - both private and professional - I support, accompany and stimulate you in your development.

It is not about imposing a mindset on you that will change your whole life in 2 weeks. I do not believe in such promises. Rather, I want you to improve your quality of life through self-awareness and develop a mindset that is tailored to you and your personal goals. And the key to this mindset lies in you and your thoughts.

Feel free to contact me or write to me. I will gladly take the time for an initial consultation. Free of charge and without obligation! Maybe we will find opportunities and suggestions for your start already in the first conversation.

In our Rising Life Shop you can find workbooks or our digital success journal and vision book. Feel free to drop by. Maybe you'll find the right tool to start your mindset journey.


5 tips to strengthen your Mindset!

Search for your why.

What is your passion and why? Your why is a great motivator and can move mountains within you. If your why and motivation are big enough to make your vision a reality, you will gain perseverance to overcome challenges and learn from failures.

Passion will bring you closer to your goals. Something you don't like to do won't spark the motivational flame you seek/need and therefore won't produce the results you want. 


Be your biggest supporter

It all depends on you and your attitude. Setbacks are okay, but no reason to give in to defeat. Learn to take breaks, but don't give up right away. If you believe in yourself, you will achieve your goals. Think about inner communication. Sometimes it is not easy to keep the inner flame burning strong. But focus on yourself and your goal. Make a list of 3 things you definitely want to do on each day. Remember, we follow behavior patterns. These behavior patterns may also resist change. So keep at it. You'll thank yourself once you've enforced new routines. Even small steps will take you further. There's a difference between giving up and taking a break. Learn when to take breaks to prepare for the steps ahead.


Choose progress more often

Fear of change can limit what you do. Courage is the key word. You don't have to turn your whole life around overnight. Make choices day by day that bring you closer to your goals. Move out of your comfort zone to overcome your personal challengers.


Surround yourself with like-minded people

Those who fly alone may have the strongest wings, but those who fly together can break through barriers and open doors that will take you much further. Surround yourself with people who share similar goals. People with whom you can strengthen each other and develop positively. You may also meet people who have already achieved what you are currently striving for. The right people will support and inspire you.

Think of it like trees growing next to each other. Your roots are connected and grow together, but you as a tree grow as individuals.

Growth Mindset: Verbinde dich mit Gleichgesinnten. Ihr seit verwurzelt und wächst gleichzeitig miteinander aber als Individuen.


Your life and your goals must make sense to you.

The right people and your environment are extremely important, but your goals and values must agree with you and your feelings, not with other people. Not everyone will understand your choices. Nor do they have to. No one knows your circumstances and thoughts. It is your path and your life.

Do not live a life determined by others. Goals and values that other people impose on you will dampen your motivation. On the other hand, your own goals, which correspond to you and your feelings, awaken an extremely powerful inner strength and motivation. Remember the example of the trees.


Invest in your development

There are many ways in which you can promote your personal growth. You can read books on various topics, attend free or paid events, or even use social media for your growth. Many platforms contain thousands of posts related to mindset. Look for sites that match you and your values and post articles relevant to you. You'll find inspiring phrases, tips, and opportunities every day. You can also get support from experts, mentors, coaches or consultants for your development.

Writing is another powerful way to document and expand your development at the same time. For example, keep a notebook or success journal. You'll gain many benefits for yourself through writing. We'll show you 3 here:


Unleashing your creativity:

Handwritten words are carefully considered before being captured on paper. When typing on a smartphone or computer, the flow of thinking and writing is different.

Brain jog:

You activate your gray matter and activate brain regions for thinking, language and memory. Our brain can better structure and categorize information.

More conscious word selection:

Handwritten words are carefully considered before being recorded on paper. When typing on a smartphone or computer, the flow of thinking and writing is different.


Mit einem Erfolgsjournal zu mehr Glück, Erfolg und persönlichen Wachstum


A positive mindset brings you balance and joy in life! It can change your entire life or have a positive effect on individual areas. It's all up to you and the choices you make.

Personal development is a beautiful never ending story. It is an integral part of my life and I have been able to feel many distinct positive effects. It will hopefully be with me for many more years.

Looking back, I have to say that I have not regretted this decision for a single day. I live more grateful, more aware, more satisfied, determined and goal-oriented. What is it that you want from life?

On our homepage you will find many other interesting topics, which you are welcome to have a look at. You are also welcome to contact me personally. I am looking forward to it.

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