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Recognition and explanation of narcissism

A healthy base of self-love increases self-confidence and is good for us. However, an oversized portion of self-importance does no good. If you have to deal with narcissism in everyday life, it is very rarely such an extreme characteristic as described here.

Narcissistic people often seem very likeable, humorous and above all charming. But the attractive characteristics can quickly turn out to be a shadow side. The great self-confidence, for example, is an infinite, ruthless and egoistic self-love, which strives for great recognition and admiration.

Narcissism means self-love or self-admiration. Narcissists have an exaggerated image of themselves and see themselves as more important and valuable than fellow human beings.

They consider themselves unique, overestimate themselves and have a great need for admiration. Act coldly, recklessly, and have a particularly positive self-image that generally does not match their emotional world.


Titelbild für Narzissmus Test. Auf dem Bild sind Dünen zu sehen.  Im Sand, der sich über das gesamte Bild erstreckt, sind Fußspuren. Jeder von uns hinterlässt seine Spuren auf unserem schönen Planeten.

6 signs of narcissism 

1) Expects a lot of understanding without giving any. Feelings of others are not included in decisions.

2) Likes to be the center of attention / limelight, because recognition is the most important thing.

3) Strongly desires and strives for dominance.

4) Sets rules that only count for others.

5) Quick to be aggressive. If something doesn't go the way the narcissist wants or is different than planned, the reaction is aggressive and unkind.

6) Conversations and discussions are not solution-oriented and conducted at eye level. Rather, in the eyes of the narcissist, fellow human beings have no chance of standing up to him. The reason for this is the own importance and value that the person gives himself.


Is he or she a narcissist? This is how the test works

Recognize narcissism and narcissistic traits. You can complete our test for free and make an assessment of whether narcissistic traits are pronounced. To do so, start our test and follow the instructions.

Please approach this test with the understanding that it cannot be comprehensive, sufficient and complete enough to clearly interpret your personal situation. Here you can get an impression that can encourage you to address this issue. The test cannot replace a professional diagnosis by a therapist. Only professionals can make an accurate diagnosis and advise you further.




Negative interaction with the environment can also lead to negative consequences for the person affected. Criticism and dislikes are not accepted by the narcissist. The affected person can suffer from self-doubt and life crises as a result. Self-love is linked to the admiration of others. The narcissist loves himself, but this love is insufficient.


Signs of no narcissism

1) Abandoning responsibility: If the potential of others is recognized and responsibility is relinquished, this is a sign of no narcissism.

2) Listening: Can the person step back for a moment and give fellow human beings the space to express themselves?

3) Joy for fellow human beings: Joy for positive experiences or successes of others.

4) Accepting help: Accepting someone's help is out of the question for a narcissist. Asking for help is also out of the question.


Advantages of narcissism?

So far, only negative sides of narcissism have been described. However, there are also advantages associated with narcissism:


Commitment in career and relationship.

Narcissists always want to be successful. Also in relationships. That means they will invest a lot. The will to succeed can make people excel in their professional lives.


Humor and fun

With narcissists there is always something to laugh about. There will be no boredom, as the need to be in the spotlight is great.



Narcissists are not afraid of confrontation. They take on the role of a protector whose wings offer protection.


Tips for dealing with narcissists

1) Boost your own self-confidence.

2) Communicate your boundaries. Narcissists take people in.

3) Be aware of your boundaries and how to keep them.

4) Don't be put off. Even when lying or manipulating.

5) Keep in touch with friends and family. Don't let them close you off.

6) Do not try to change the person.

7) Lower expectations.

8) When criticized, shut down and let comments wander. Justification of one's view is not of interest.

9) Narcissists are often predictable. Expect the same methods and actions as before.

10) Prepare well in case of a breakup. If the breakup does not come from the narcissist, it can hurt the person very much. Aggressive or uncomfortable behavior may be exhibited as a result of ego injury.


    Most people do not have narcissistic personality disorder. Only narcissistic traits are involved.

    A certain amount of self-love and self-confidence is needed by everyone. A certain amount is carried by each of us. It is important not to disregard one's own needs and well-being in a relationship or when dealing with basic narcissistic attitudes.


    Please note:

    In this article, the masculine form of narcissism has been chosen for readability. Know that there is also female narcissism.

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