Who am I? Guide and tips

Who am I?

This question makes life difficult for many people. Yet it is the question that leads to a happy life. Because the answers to the questions. "Who am I, what do I really want and where do I want to go?" ..bring important insights.

Often we think we know who we are. In the course of life, people lose the connection to their inner self. Values and decisions are often based on those of the environment, society and culture. There is nothing wrong with that. It is important to have common values.

However, we should recognize which values are ours so that we stay on our path in the happy life or to our desired life. If we follow a path other than the one that corresponds to our heart, goals and values, we will become unhappy.

Learn to listen to yourself by listening to your inner voice in order to define and, above all, to walk your path in life:


Wer bin ich? Zwei Menschen stehen an einem klaren Abendhimmel vor einem Teleskop und blicken zu den funkelnden Sternen

Step 1 - Your past self

You may remember a time when you felt good and, above all, happy.

What was your image of yourself?

What qualities did you like a lot about yourself?

What qualities made you feel special when you were a child?

Did you like to share, laugh and play a lot? Or were you more closed off and quiet?

Where did you want to be in life one day and why? What dreams and goals did you pursue?

At what point in your life were you very happy? Why? Did fellow human beings contribute to this?


Step 2 - The present you

Who are you? What does living happily mean to you? Here we answer the big question, which is just as important a piece in this puzzle as all the other puzzle pieces.

What are you particularly good at?

What was your perfect day like?

During which activity do you forget the entire world around you?

What events trigger positive emotions?

What events trigger negative emotions? Can you do anything to improve the way you deal with negative emotions?

What experiences have strengthened or weakened you?

What values belong to you and your life?

How much does your life deviate from your desired life?

What are you doing to get closer to your desired life?

What can you do to change the circumstance?


These questions are as much about your personal perspective as any other. The goal is to stimulate your awareness of your own self-awareness and realization. An experience that once weakened you can also strengthen you in retrospect. Because if you reflect on the experience and yourself, you will find out what it was important for and why it brought you strength.

The important thing is that we can go from a state to a dynamic, to go from circumstances. Momentum means to go towards something and develop, while the state shows the condition in a certain moment. For example:

"I am lonely"

"I am heartbroken"

"I am not happy"

Were you aware of the dynamic or state as a snapshot? Language connects deep, unconscious experiences with conscious experiences. By expanding language, you can reshape or expand unconscious experiences into conscious ones.

Everything passes and comes again. People, thoughts and feelings come and go. If we try to stop them, they pile up. Any feelings we experience through circumstances are a part of life. Good and equally not so good experiences belong here.

Only when we understand and accept all feelings equally as part of life, we can let go of the past to go with life.

Life is in constant change. So the answers to these questions will always change. Always take the time to rethink the path towards your happy life / goals.


Step 3 - Your future self

How do you want to spend your life? What do you really want and maybe even where do you want to go? You can decide today how you want to spend each precious day of your life.

For example, make a list of the things you want to spend your lifetime doing. Have you ever heard of visualization? Here's an excerpt on visualization from our course Stress Management and Dealing with Negative Emotions:

By visualizing positive events from your life, you can bring your body and mind into a state of contentment. You will feel good about yourself. The goal and purpose is relaxation, feeling good, self-awareness of key experiences, and allowing for change and growth.


The power of visualization

If visualizing doesn't come easy to you, just making yourself happy by evoking beautiful memories is enough to get you started. Think of it as training

Think of a time when life was easy and carefree. Pictures and videos are also a super way to evoke happy memories. Use your imagination to evoke places, colors and feelings. Imagine watching your personal moments as an outsider on a video recording. Focus on your body and emotions that are evoked. Stay in this moment as long as you want to.


Visualisierung bringt uns unserem Wunschleben näher. Auf der Illustration sind eine Kamera, ein Kamerafilm, und Bilder zu sehen. Alle lassen uns positiven Erinnerungen erneut erleben


Travel into the future and look at your future life and your future self. You have left all the hardships behind and chosen a happy future. Enjoy this imagination with full consciousness. It aligns you with your future self and your future. It brings you closer to yourself and your environment. Watch yourself enjoy life to the fullest. Be fulfilled by your imaginings.


Zwei Menschen holen sich positive Erinnerungen hoch in dem sie visualisieren und im stehen meditieren


How do you want to be? How do you envision your relationships with fellow human beings? Your dream job or your self-employment?

You replace the sad image you may have of yourself with your healed self with a positive future. Reinforce this image by smiling and have fun imagining a beautiful life.


What else happens?

Your experiences become richer, more varied and multi-layered and with that come more possibilities for change. You find new ways to get out of your current situation. You learn how to imagine a fulfilled life and how to get there. You are the key to opening all the doors in your life. Remember, if one door closes, thousands of others open. Is there no door in your space? Then stay in the space of silence and go inside yourself and visualize. What do you hear within you? Even if we stop at one point in life, we can ask ourselves what is moving within us.

Every idea and door originates from your thoughts. When you are with yourself and your thoughts, you yourself create the doors through which you can pass. Be aware of your creative power. We all carry it within us. We can bring it into our lives through song, art, or through our imagination.

Be the creator of your own future and be comfortable with what you are doing. Connect with yourself, your environment and the world. Your life, your rules and your future. You yourself determine any circumstances and have your happiness in your hands. It will be easier for you every time and you will understand what you are capable of.


Der Schlüssel zum Glück liegt in uns. Eine Person steht vor vielen verschlossenen Türen, bis ihr auffällt, dass sie den Schlüssel immer bei sich zrug.


Do you know the deathbed question? I myself was asked this question by a friend: If you were on your deathbed one day and your life was coming to an end, what would you have done differently, or what would you regret? Why are you on this planet and what is the purpose behind it?

I found the question very extreme at first. I didn't even know how to answer it. When I had time for myself, I reflected on the last years of my life. I could roughly imagine where my journey would take me. And I didn't want to have any regrets for the following things:


Love, happiness and cohesion:

Sharing every single day with loved ones and seeing them equally happy.

Not chasing love, but being filled and strengthened by its happiness. Love is the drive to make impossible things happen.

Life is a constant flow. Everything has a beginning. To every beginning belongs an end. None of these endings should be plagued by regret.

The enjoyment of every moment with loved ones.

The enjoyment of every moment in life. No matter what the circumstances are. There is always something good!

How do you feel about this?


Working life: 

I don't want to wonder one day what would have happened if I had implemented my ideas and plans. Especially decisions that lead to self-employment, you might be able to implement. Because you cultivated these thoughts to make yourself professionally independent.

However, you would never know how your self-employment would have gone and what you would have learned if you chose a different path. Listen to your thoughts and your heart. You will know best yourself what is good for you and how to get there.

For those who want to change careers. Again, there is no difference from the previous situation. Where do you want to be one day? What job are you really happy doing? And what possibilities do you have to incorporate this activity into your life?

You yourself have the answers to these questions.


The meaning of my life:

This was the most difficult and interesting question I was asked. I had been thinking about this for a long time before this question was even asked.

Life was not always easy. I felt like I was in a confined space that was dark, trying to find a way out on my own, because there was not one person who could help me at that time. I had to look for ways out alone, find myself alone and find new strength. And that for a long time.

Every person faces challenges in their life. I always had the wish that no person would go through exactly the same as I did. I met people who accompanied me on this journey. I am very grateful to them. They took me by the hand and showed me a way out. Helped me answer questions that I didn't have answers to. Always in such a way that I had to find the solution myself. It was like teaching a child to walk. Being held by the hands - but walking the steps alone.

That's when it became clear to myself. The meaning of my life is to help those people who are looking for a way out or themselves. It fulfills me to see other people happy and at full strength.

Have you ever thought about this question? Finding meaning in life and realizing what is really important to you?


Step 4 - The real you

You have reflected on yourself by answering the questions. Your past, present and future self. You recognize more and more your strengths and the great potential that is inherent in you. It is only in your power to fully exploit your great potential. Be aware that you were born on this beautiful planet, just like every other of your fellow human beings. No one is better or worse. You are just as valuable and important as any other human being. Life is not a race. You should not look at yourself in destructive criticism, but flow with life and accept it.



There are things that no human being can take away from us. Especially the journey to our own self. But it is right and important to accept a helping hand or to start and complete this journey ourselves. In this way, the world, one's own life and one's own person can be viewed from other valuable angles.

Tips: Learn from the past, but do not live in it. If you live only in the past, you miss the life before you. Learn to let go. Past and present go hand in hand and lead to the future.

Accept the present. All the decisions you made in the past have led you to the present point. At an earlier time, you had a completely different level of knowledge than you have today. Learn to accept the present. It is a construct of past decisions made based on intuition or reason. Instead of triggering regrets or negative emotions, for example, such experiences can be transformed into huge victories by expanding your consciousness. After all, bad decisions or problems lead to solutions and personal growth.

Whatever you decide today will shape your future tomorrow. Enjoy your everyday life and find the meaning and thereby the motivation to create incredible things! The perfect moment you live today will bring you more perfect moments in the future.

Live in the here and now to build the life you want in the future. Think future-oriented to set sail today. Use your past knowledge and experience to overcome challenges.

Check out our blog for tips on topics such as mindset and emotions. Take a look. If there's a topic that's on your mind right now, you might see a way to look at certain things from a different perspective.

Ibo from Rising Life Books

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