About me

Doesn't each of us write our own story? Unique and full of ups and downs? My life also had these ups and downs. Whereby the depths of his time always outweighed.

Over all that time, there was no one who could help me out of my eternal struggle. It was a struggle with myself - my own life, my experiences and above all emotions. But life is in constant change. So are we and our surroundings. Over time, I met people who helped me win this battle with their experience and valuable advice.

How did Rising Life Books come into being?

After the hard time, I thought if there are many people who are in similar or even worse situations. I myself knew the feeling of struggling alone and wished everyone strength, perseverance and most of all courage.

In 2017, I met a family whose story touched me from the bottom of my heart. A family that, despite their incredible and moving story, has their heart in the right place. Wishing for nothing more than a normal life. Their story is full of pain, but they always carried an unshakable hope that originated in a strong bond of love.

This acquaintance became a very close friendship. With the desire to start a new chapter with the year 2020, the family began to write their story together as a book in 2019. And this is where the story of Rising Life Books and mine starts. Because I support the family in their project.

My circle, as well as the family, always moved forward with my experiences. I was and still am of the opinion that we have to change and broaden our focus and point of view in order to understand our counterpart but most of all ourselves in our actions. I was thinking about how to reach other people as well and was very inspired by the family's book. From this inspiration arose a passion to read books and thus to participate in other people's lives and especially their experiences. That's how it became clear to me.

I decided to help people on their journey. By publishing true and personal stories that can show many out there that all that has been experienced, cannot be taken for granted and something will only change if we choose to do so.

Books can exist beyond our lifetime. Passing on their stories and knowledge to many generations. It is a fulfilling way that can and is already helping many people.

After my commercial training and further education as an industrial clerk, business administrator and online marketing manager, I myself completed the training as a health practitioner BfG and am constantly educating myself to support you with new methods and strategies in the development of your quality of life. I bring a lot of experience from different areas of life. I do not practice the profession of health practitioner in person, but share my knowledge in the form of online courses that you work through and especially blog posts.

For you, the designation "Health Practitioner BFG" means that I have conscientiously explored my options and limitations. I encourage people in their development as they improve their quality of life in self-awareness. You are in the right place if you want to do or learn something for yourself.

I am not a psychologist and have no therapeutic training. However, Rising Life Books is networked to strong partners who come from the health and care sector.

What's next?

I am currently aiming to become a mental coach so I can use new knowledge to help people with different challenges.

Why Rising Life Books?

The name is made up of Rising Life and Books.

Rising Life: Life should not be a hard struggle alone. It is beautiful and we ourselves hold the key to our happiness in our own hands. Rising Life, in combination with our logo of the phoenix stand for the rise in life.

Phönix - Logo Rising Life Books

Books: Books have been written for centuries. In every work there is hard work and a message. With stories that are about real people, we tell stories that get under your skin, touch you emotionally, and that we may identify with.

Life can be hard, we can put our focus on the negative and the struggle. But isn't the energy you draw from confidence and especially your own experiences and adventures much stronger? This energy can also be the drive for you to climb and master the mountains in your life.

Courses and digital downloads: With our courses on topics such as overcoming loneliness, unconditional love, stress management, dealing with negative emotions and the digital success journal, we want to support you on your path of self-awareness.

To pass on knowledge to you, but above all to offer you possibilities to look at stress, conflicts, emotions and yourself from a different perspective. To show you techniques that were also useful for us and still are today.

About our blog: Our blog contains a lot of topics about emotions and mindset. Here you can find a lot of information, techniques, but also different perspectives on topics like gratitude, self-reflection, letting go and on the question "Who am I".

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