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Many people feel loneliness. Loneliness and love are a part of our lives. There are people who are alone but still happy. How is that possible? And are there ways to learn how to do this?

What will the eBook help you with?

You will understand yourself and the loneliness behind it better. Our eBook is divided into two sections "Loneliness" and "Unconditional Love" and contains seven chapters each. All chapters include questions about the information described so that you can take a closer look at yourself and your challenges, understand them, learn how to solve your challenges, and then decide on ways and solutions. Here is an overview of the sections:

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1 - Self-Reflection
  • Lesson 2 - Understanding
  • Lesson 3 - Transforming
  • Lesson 4 - Decision
  • Conclusion
  • Infographics - Helpful Methods


Develop a sense of love towards yourself first and foremost to overcome challenges.

This is because the love and friendship you cultivate with yourself forms the foundation for love and friendship with those around you. If you feel or have built a deep connection to yourself, you cannot be lonely.

In some life situations it is even good to be alone. You can rediscover yourself, work on areas of your life or simply relax.

Our eBook brings you experiences in the here and now as well as for the future. It helps you to unfold your individual sense of loneliness and self-love.


 Learn to deal with yourself and your environment in serenity

More acceptance of characteristics and habits

Recognizing which developmental processes want to come out of you into life

Crises can be experienced as transformations

Developing potentials

 Self-love, self-confidence and self-assurance through clarity

Recognizing conflicts more clearly so that your own conflict tolerance grows

Illustrated and diversified


What else does the eBook help you with?

Your experiences become richer, more diverse, and more layered through experiencing interests, development, and new key experiences. You discover yourself and find what wants and can be lived in life and in you.

Learn to transform deficits into resources. Instead of asking yourself what is missing, look for what is there. You will discover many different possibilities in many areas of life and not focus on dead ends or scarcity, as you come closer to your individual abilities to balance life's conflicts.


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  • Published by: Rising Life Books
  • Author: Ibrahim Madenkökü
  • Edition: 1st Edition
  • Number of Pages: 61
  • Publication date: May 2021 
  • Language: German

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Reading sample

You're here to look for a solution! We'll show you a glimpse of two lessons from the eBook's Loneliness component:

Lesson 2 - Understanding

The feeling of loneliness, for example, comes from being separated from people, which creates a deep sense of emptiness and makes the presence of others around you less meaningful to meaningless.

Being alone is a choice and very easy to confuse with loneliness. Sometimes it is good for us to be alone. You can rediscover yourself, work on areas of your life that you are not satisfied with, or simply relax because you need some time off.

Ein Mann sitzt einsam und alleine an einem Lagerfeuer im Wald. Aber ist er wirklich einsam, oder hat es sich für das alleine sein entschieden?

When we understand that people don't have to meet our expectations, we learn to expect less from them. We learn to accept and take a significant step toward overcoming loneliness. The five people we spend most of our time with shape our thoughts and behaviors. If you are surrounded by people who are always negative about life and their current situation, you too will form such thoughts about yourself and your life. You take with you, even if unconsciously, a part of the thoughts and behavior of those around you. If your environment carries the feeling of loneliness, this can also pass on to you.

Emotional pain

Refusing to love others can turn into a pain that turns your entire focus on yourself. We create a barrier to loving others and opening up to them. But in order to love, it takes a foundation of trust! How can we give and receive love if we close our hearts to it?

Think of five people, around you. We are a result of the people who have loved or denied us. Love means life and fills us as well as our surroundings with life. First of all, learn to love yourself. Accept yourself with all your positive and negative qualities. They distinguish you and make you the unique person you are. Learn to love your appearance as it is. You are special! Just like every other person.

Eine Gruppe von Menschen steht in einer Reihe. Jeder ist besonders und einzigartig.

Only when you have learned to love yourself can you truly love others. You form the foundation on which you love others. What does loneliness feel like? Here are some examples:

  • Much around you becomes uninteresting
  • You feel extremely ashamed when you do something wrong
  • When you are surrounded by people, you do not feel comfortable and are easily offended
  • You feel separated or isolated, even if you are surrounded by many people
  • You feel shy and are afraid of others
  • Your self-esteem has decreased
  • You act critical, angry or defensive
  • You avoid conversations with others. You also avoid conversations with strangers
  • You think something is wrong with you
  • You think that no one knows how miserable and isolated you feel
  • Your assertiveness decreases. You believe that others perceive you only as a kind of shadow that hardly anyone notices
  • You refuse to accept change and do not want to try anything new
  • You think that other people do not understand you because your problems are unique
  • This makes you think that other people have friends and loved ones, just not you

Sich einsam fühlen ist in Ordnung. Wer verspürt dieses Gefühl den mal nicht? Der Grundstein für ein ausgeglichenes Leben wird durch Selbstliebe gesetzt. Auf der Illustration sind 3 Personen zu sehen, die unzufrieden mit sich selbst sind. Sich verstecken oder grübeln.


Excerpt Lesson 3 - Transforming

Steps out of loneliness

The feeling of loneliness doesn't last forever. If you try to stop such feelings, they may even pile up. Be aware that you will overcome this suffering in time. Just as many of our fellow human beings manage and overcome every day.

Life is not a race. It doesn't matter if you meet the love of your life at 20, 30 or 45. Everything happens at the right time. When you are ready and open for it. Love is something we are allowed to receive when the time comes. How would it feel to no longer feel the cramp of absolutely HAVING to have someone by your side?

Take the first step. It may not be easy, or even uncomfortable. But what do you have to lose? For example, you can end a thousand questions you ask yourself by taking a step. Every rejection, every "mistake" makes you learn. Be aware of it. How important is the rejection you got today in a year? Don't let it discourage you. Rather, you are making experiences that will help you throughout your life. For every pot there is a lid. I'm sure you've heard this phrase before. Be patient. Don't force life to send you someone. Don't force someone who doesn't want to stay with you to stay.

Auf der Illustration geht ein Mensch Treppen rauf. Das Leben ist kein Wettrennen. Jeder von uns durchlebt zu unterschiedlichen Zeiten Etappen und Erfahrungen des Lebens. Sei bei dir und deiner aktuellen Stufe. Du möchtest dein Leben in die Bahn lenken. Am sinnvollsten ist es, den Fokus bei dir zu lassen und mit Wohlbefinden mit dem Leben zu gehen und zu fließen.


Meet new people. Expand your environment and circle of friends. Participate in activities that really interest you. You will meet people who are interested in the same things.

Be an open person and open up to others. Don't expect every move from the other side. If you are closed, you will be met with closed-mindedness.

Do not assume old relationships and experiences when making new acquaintances. Do you have clairvoyant abilities that show you every thought, experience, and impending action of your counterpart? Of course, we all have intuition and our experiences. However, this does not give us the power to judge a person in its entirety. Give each person the opportunity to see them from a different perspective. Give each person a chance to show you their ways before you lump everyone together. Don't judge before you really get to know someone.

Learn something new. When you have accomplished something, you will feel good about yourself. You don't have to learn a new language right away. It's the small successes that count.

Etwas neues zu lernen kann ein Ausweg aus der Einsamkeit sein! Neue Erfahrungen und Ereignisse bringen neue Verknüpfungen und Kontakte und erweitern unser Umfeld.


Did you get helpful information out of reading the reading sample?

Our goal is to help you solve your problem. You are here today because you want to overcome loneliness. Start today.


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