Eda's Abyss | On the Edge of the Cliff - Back to Life (eBook, ePub)

Eda's Abyss | On the Edge of the Cliff - Back to Life (eBook, ePub)

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Young Eda moves from the Middle East to a small town in southern Germany to start a new life with her husband.

When her husband leaves her after years of psychological and physical violence and her own brother and his business partner steal from Eda, she and her children find themselves in the middle of nowhere.

A novelistic biography based on the life of the protagonist, Eda:

Full of ups and downs, the young girl becomes a strong and independent woman. In each of us there are energies in crises of which we have no idea. Immerse yourself in Eda's story and find strength for your own life in her example!

Illustration aus dem Buch Edas Abgrund. Die Protagonistin des Buches ist auf einer Illustration zusehen, auf der sie ihre Lebensgeschichte schreibt. 


How far can love go? What can a woman endure for the sake of her family? What happens when you love unconditionally and don't lose hope that one day everything will change for the better? Thousands of miles away from friends and family, a young woman sets out for a foreign land to build a new life with her husband.

But what happens when only one loves unconditionally? What can a woman endure when people change, turn against her and ultimately take everything away from her?

This is her story. Full of ups and downs. A story in which she stands on the precipice. She is not sure if she should jump or if fighting on is still an option. In 2009 everything changes more extreme than ever before for the worse for her! How a young girl became a strong, independent woman and mother lion.

Illustration aus dem Buch Edas Abgrund. Die Protagonistin des Buches steht mit ihren beiden Kindern an einer Klippe. Sie halten sich gegenseitig an ihren Händen fest. Sie blicken in ein Tal bei Nachthimmel unter den Sternen. Der erhellende Mond versinkt allmählich hinter den Bergen. Mit viel Liebe, Mut und Hoffnung blicken sie in Richtung Leben und Zukunft.




  • Digital Download
  • File format: eBook (ePub)
  • Published by: Rising Life Books
  • Author: Ibrahim Madenkökü
  • Number of pages: 250
  • Publication date: December 2020 
  • Language: German
  • Size: 16,5 MB
  • ISBN: 978-3-982-19132-4

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